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Derek Harrison
Finance Director
0412 402 582

Derek Harrison has been a finance broker for 20 years, based in Perth. In 2008, Derek Harrison decided to start his own business and today works with a talented team of professionals, each committed to providing ongoing support to their customers. Specialising in home and investment loans, as well as personal loans, car loans, and business loans, no matter what your finance needs are, Derek Harrison and the team are able to help you. Derek’s journey into financial services began when he missed out on participating in a property deal, which would’ve netted him a $1 million profit. However, due to his lack of knowledge and financial literacy, he was unable to participate. Instead of giving up, Derek decided to educate himself so that this situation would never occur again. The knowledge Derek has acquired, he freely gives to his clients. Derek is highly qualified and motivated to assist his clients in achieving their financial dreams. So, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned property investor, or require finance for business, Derek has you covered.

Karen Suter
Finance Advisor
0499 000 400

Karen Suter is a dedicated finance broker who thrives on finding loan solutions tailored to her clients’ situations and financial objectives. With extensive experience in residential, commercial, and asset finance, Karen and the Fortress Loans team value effective communication and ongoing support in building long-term client relationships. If you ever intend to buy Karen a coffee, it should always be a half-strength, skinny latte with almond milk. Anything else will be rejected. Karen’s obsession with AFL is almost a religious zeal, which is only surpassed by the Pope’s love of Catholicism.

Inna is a highly accomplished professional with a master's degree in economics and a wealth of expertise in financial management. While holding a full qualification as a Mortgage Broker, Inna's true strength lies in her exceptional ability to coordinate and construct critical systems that ensure the seamless operation of the Fortress machine. A valued member of the Fortress team, Inna's skills, knowledge, and experience are considered invaluable. Her unparalleled work ethic and dedication to completing tasks make her an indispensable asset. Beyond her professional pursuits, Inna finds solace in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, frequently attending the gym and strolling along the beach. A passionate supporter of the Richmond football team, Inna's unwavering loyalty extends to defending her favorite player, Dustin Martin, against any criticism.

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0412 402 582

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